Thursday, 4 November 2010

NADFLY & Lauren Michele Kasmer - thoughts & work

NADFLY returns to Los Angeles from Scotland with Glasgow Walks people going about their business in Glasgow city centre. The images are devoid of personal history or direction, leaving you wondering where are there going and who are there. With every one you find yourself studying the clothes and demeanour, searching for their story and destination.  The 20 people are hand drawn and  place on hand thrown stoneware cups, with white and green glaze with 14 Karat gold rims.

PolyTops Enhanced

Lauren Michele Kasmer has created limited editions fabrics and unique wearables by selectively altering and reinterpreting her own artworks and collections as well the designs of her mother, Irene Kasmer, the pioneering California fashion designer whose career spans more than 50 years, notably the inventor of the hip hugger in 1957. Each individual wearable and accessory is accompanied by the story of its' past and the process of its' creation.

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  1. LAUREN MICHELE KASMER (LMK) offers new and unique artworks, digital
    print fabrics and one of a kind wearables at This is Permanent - Salon
    - Pop up shop. These transformations are created by altering her past
    fine artwork, interpreting her collections as well as honoring the
    vintage designs of Irene Kasmer, the notable fashion designer  &
    inventor of the Hip Hugger  ™.  LMK will be available at after TIP closes, December 18, 2010.

    THIS IS PERMANENT (TIP)  is a pop up exhibition & shop in Santa Monica
    operating from November 19, 2010 - December 18, 2010 which  also
    features the hand made works of NADFLY. In addition THIS IS PERMANENT
    is also 15 intimate & distinctive TIP pop Salons (free events) with
    actions by LMK & NADFLY + guests hosts such as Veronica and Friends
    and Anna Homler.

    LMK (Lauren Michele Kasmer) & NADFLY and the TIP Salons share 
    viewing space with elderly furniture / great aunt boxes in a Santa Monica
    residence. They invite you to share this intimate temporary environment. 
    The 15 Salon events are free but places are limited. 
    places are limited.

    The next 2 free events  :

    TIP4 Salon
    Sunday November 28, 2-6pm
    Afternoon Drop by &
    a POP Opportunity:
    Anyone may bring one items to offer for sale if it is for less than $60
    (You must be willing to tell the story of that one object)

    TIP5 Salon
    Tuesday November 30, 12-4pm
    LMK & NADFLY ApparelAlters
    LMK digitally printed textiles based on past artwork
    are used to honor vintage designs by Irene Kasmer.

     - see nine more on this blog

    rsvp to and request address to THIS IS PERMANENT  :